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Dry-Lam ALM 3230 Automatic Laminator

$10927.00     SKU: ALM3230

Labor-free automation with feeding, laminating, and trimming at the touch of a button! 

Eliminate time-consuming, costly hand feeding and trimming in laminating with the new value-priced ALM3230 lamination system.


  • Heated rollers for crystal clear scratch-free lamination

  • Adjustable trim for full encapsulation or precise flush cut

  • Sits on a tabletop or optional stand

  • Green Button Operation: touch the button and walk away for labor-free, fully trimmed and laminated sheets

  • ASAP adhesive laminating films in 1.5, 3 and 5 mil, gloss, matte and Elegant Silk Matte adheres to hard-to-laminate digitally printed sheets

Fujipla ALM 3230 Automatic Laminator

Dry-Lam HLA-2301 Automatic Laminator

$16195.00       SKU: HLA-2301


The newest, commercial-grade Fujipla laminator by
Dry-Lam has everything you know and love about the
previous ALM line for automatic feeding, laminating,
trimming, and stacking sheets, but is now faster
and better with improved features and functionality!
Laminating up to 68” per minute, it is 25% faster than
the ALM3230.

• Ultra-quick warm-up time of less than 5 minutes
• Automatic single or double-sided lamination
• 2 Automatic trim options
- Flush-cut: precise, micro-adjustable with ± 3mm margin adjust
- Border-cut: custom-sealed options with 4-sided trim uniformity
• Hands-free, automatic feed tray
• Simple operation with specially encoded film for auto settings

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